My Staking Faucet Success Story, and How you can Do it Too!

My Staking Faucet Success Story, and How you can Do it Too!

I am sharing my Bitbean (now BeanCash) staking story with you to show that over time you can become quite successful with cryptocurrency even if you don’t have the money to invest now!

In January 2016 I was a Bitcoin hobbyist and spent a few nights a week reading, learning, and testing out new cryptocurrency websites and altcoins. The industry was very small at the time and there were very few people involved in cryptocurrency.

I was a fan of the peer to peer movement with Uber and Airbnb just starting to take off in popularity. This interest lead me to find P2P Bitcoin lending and I signed up at Btcjam, Btcpop, and BitcoinLendingClub.

Just by chance one day I read that Btcpop had added new altcoins and a new feature called staking to their website. Curious what this was, I researched proof of stake for an hour, logged in and checked it out. I wasn’t sold on the idea of staking, but there was a cute looking bean as a logo for the new staking coin called Bitbean.

How I made $10,000 from a $10 staking faucet investment

I figured I would at least try staking out so I went to a Bitbean faucet to get some coins depositing them into Btcpop. The faucet gave me some, but I wasn’t online much and didn’t have time to claim faucets so I calculated that it would take me 1 year to collect $10 in Bitbean.

So I bought around $10 (I lost the exact numbers) worth of BitBean or 250,000 BITB because it was cute and then left it in where it collected staking rewards. I then forgot about it for 2 years.

It was later in January of 2018 I noticed that BITB had a huge pump to $.02! I rushed to and logged in. I was then shocked to find that my 250,000 BITB had basically doubled with staking rewards (BITB had nearly 45% staking ROI) and was now 500,000. By the time I withdrew and deposited my BitB in an exchange the price had went down. But I put them all at a sell order which amounted to nearly $.02 in BTC. Not long after I saw BITB skyrocketed to it’s all time high of $.04. My sell order was only at $.02 but I still made $10,000 off a silly coin by staking.

Moral of the Story

The Moral of the story is that collecting faucets can be slow and boring but over a long period of time they can really pay off! While I didn’t collect BITB faucets and purchased instead, I still could have got a lot of BITB just by claiming the free faucets and staking them in a pool like Btcpop.

Collect Proof of Stake coins and stake them!

There are hundreds of small proof of stake coins that could make it big someday. Lots of them won’t but who knows which one is the next BITB for you. Today you can collect 100’s of POS coins from different faucets. Deposit them to a staking pool and who knows in a couple years you could be cashing out $10k!!

Staking Coins Faucet, Staking Pool, and Exchange List

Below is a list of Staking Coin Faucets and Staking pools for you to begin collecting at! This list is to help you get started but it’s by no means the only faucets out there. Btcpop is one of my favorite faucets because it is both a faucet and a staking pool. It’s even an exchange as well but volume is very low.

Click on image to see the entire LIST

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