Top PIVX Coin Faucets, Exchanges, and Staking Wallets

PIVX is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & environmental footprint. It utilizes a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network and uses an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances 90% of its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes and 10% dedicated for budget proposals.

The goal of PIVX is to achieve a decentralized sustainable crypto currency with near instant full-time private transactions, fair governance and community intelligence.

More information can be be found on their website


Top PIVX Faucets

Below we found some of the best PIVX Faucets to help you get started with PIVX!

WebsiteRankHow it worksCoin rewardAdditional info
Btcpop Logo Faucet imageRanked # 1Claim to account every 30 minDepends on pooled staking paymentsAll PIVX claimed begins POS miningat Btcpop logo image in topstaking2Claim every 4 minUp to .00055 PivxCan play lottery games
earncrypto logo image in topstaking3Earn Pivx through surveys, games, referrals, watching videosvariesSome tasks earn decent rewards


Top PIVX Exchanges

Below we found the Best places to buy, sell, and store PIVX

ExchangeRankTrading PairsAdditional info
Btcpop Logo exchange imageRanked # 1PIVX/BTCVery little volume, but the only place you receive staking rewards for PIVX held
Bittrex logo image in topstaking2PIVX/BTCHighest volume to trade PIVX
3PIVX/BTC, PIVX/ETH, PIVX/BNBQuality exchange


Top PIVX Pooled Staking Wallets

WebsiteRankFeeAdditional info
Btcpop Logo exchange imageRanked # 12%easy pool staking with ability to be traded + used as collateral for loans
simplepospool logo image in pooled staking service
33%Quality pooled staking service


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