StakeUnited Review: Slow Test RDD Deposit, Good Tools

StakeUnited is a successful long running and rather large staking service. Their UI was a little confusing and not necessarily intuitive. My test RDD deposit was not credited within the first 6 hours but was eventually credited.


StakeUnited’s primary service is access to a staking pool and masternodes. Staking is as easy as depositing and waiting for your rewards to come in. The pool overview is a very nice feature and includes a cool graph.

StakeUnited’s  staking pool and masternodes web screenshot image


StakeUnited offers a good masternode service. It breaks down masternodes into “seats” or chunks which is great for lowering the barrier to entry for masternode staking. I again am a fan of their masternodes overview chart.

stakeunited's website masternode service user interface u.i. screenshot image

My Experience

While I am sure it was a fluke my test deposit of RDD was really slow

Besides that navigating the website was a bit clunky and I couldn’t always easily find what I was looking for. Eventually though I was able to navigate around and there are plenty of features and useful statistics.

I am a fan of their main dashboard breakdown and I think it would be helpful for a diverse staking coin portfolio.

stakeunited's website dashboard breakdown user interface u.i. screenshot image


StakeUnited has a very nice support system. They have a nice knowledgebase to help you figure it out yourself and my experience with the ticket system was good.


2fa is supported and no reports of theft


StakeUnited like SimplePOS does almost all of its communication via discord. Great for people that know and use discord, not so great for those who don’t.


Withdrawals are done once a day and they are free.

Staking Fee

3% which is competitive in the industry


Set amount per user fees. Overall a good system

Closing Comments

A good service for staking and masternodes


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