Top Bean Cash (BITB) Faucets, Exchanges, and Staking Wallets

Top Bean Cash (BITB) Faucets, Exchanges, and Staking Wallets

BITB Bean Cash (Ticker: BEAN) is a re-brand of the digital currency and network, previously known as BitB (Ticker: BITB). The BitBean block chain and network began nearly 3 years ago on February 13th., 2015. It was the first ‘crypto-currency’ to implement a maximum of 20MB block sizes, based on Gavin Andersen’s proposals to fix Bitcoin’s scalability limitations.

BitBean was also the first ‘crypto-currency’ to pioneer the use of static block rewards in a Proof of Bean (PoB) (Proof of Stake) system — which now makes energy wasting PoW (Proof of Work) systems, inefficient, expensive and archaic!

More information can be be found on their website


Top Bean Cash (BITB) Faucets

Below we found some of the best BITB Faucets to help you get started with BITB!

Top Bean Cash (BITB) Exchanges

Below we found the Best places to buy, sell, and store BITB

Top Bean Cash (BITB) Pooled Staking Wallets

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